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PolyStreamer is the simplest, most affordable way to forward your live stream to all your destination platforms, like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Our unique, only-pay-for-what-you-need model is perfect for small, indie streamers — like churches, musicians, small businesses, events, and charities.

Our average customer PolyStreamer servers across the globe

We're a cloud-based multistreaming (also known as simulcasting) service, with ingest servers in six countries. We focus on providing the simplest service, at the lowest price in the industry. We're a Boulder, Colorado-based start-up, founded in 2020. For more information, contact us or see our FAQ!

Branding & Logos

Please use these high-resolution logos if you need them to reference our brand or our website. Right-click "Save image as" or download the zip file.

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