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What our Users are Saying

With half our congregation watching on Facebook and
half on YouTube, PolyStreamer lets us reach everyone.
Gus, Pastor
The easiest, most affordable way I can stream
to both Facebook and YouTube. Period.
Mike, Producer
I used to multistream in software, but the
CPU load was dropping frames. Not anymore!
Caleb, Enthusiast
A lot goes into planning a conference.
So maximizing reach is critical.
Kevin, Organizational Director

It's dope.
UTC Radio

Why choose PolyStreamer?

PolyStreamer is the simplest and most affordable alternative for live streaming to multiple sites. Our only-pay-for-what-you-need model provides exceptional value for creators or organizations looking to get into live video, including Facebook Pages and Groups, without breaking the bank.

Here's how PolyStreamer stacks up:

Their Pro Package
Monthly Price $6.99 + bandwidth $49 + add-ons
"Extra Channels" or Custom RTMP(s) Unlimited * 3
Platforms The important ones 30+
Pricing Pay as you go,
one low rate
Extras, upsells,
price tiers

* Ok, there are practical limits. But extra channels don't bump you onto a pricier plan. Lots of YouTube channels, Facebook Pages or Groups? No problem, same low rate!

Stream to as many YouTube and Facebook channels as you like

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I estimate my monthly cost / bill?

Your monthly bill is the base rate, $6.99, plus bandwidth. So the total depends the bitrate of your video stream, how many outputs you stream to (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, etc), and how many hours you stream. Try our handy calculator to estimate your monthly bill.

Bandwidth initially costs $0.05 per GB, before volume discounts. So as a rule of thumb, a 1080 stream at 4.5 Mbps costs about 10 cents per hour per output. At those settings, streaming a 2 hour event to 3 platforms will cost around $0.60 in total. But the more bandwidth you use in a billing cycle, the greater the volume discount, so this cost decreases as you stream more events.

Does PolyStreamer add a watermark? Or any branding?

Nope! We don't watermark, brand or re-encode your video stream, nor put any branding in your title or description. You're in complete control of your stream's quality and branding.

Why isn't PolyStreamer FREE?

Some services offer free multistreaming. They usually do it in trade for branding or watermarking your video, or worse — selling your data. That's not our gig.

Servers and bandwidth cost money, and we offer high quality, unbranded multistreaming at near-wholesale prices. It's that simple.

However... ask & you shall receive! Here's how you can get PolyStreamer for free!

Who is PolyStreamer best suited to?

PolyStreamer's only-pay-for-what-you-need model provides exceptional value for creators or organizations looking to get into streaming at a reasonable price. It's perfectly suited to:

  • Indie Performers
  • Churches
  • Events
  • Charities
  • Musicians
  • Tutorials
— really any content creator looking to reach a wide audience, with no added branding.

There are a few reasons you might decide not to use PolyStreamer to multistream:

  • If you need to stream to dozens of platforms
  • If your content isn't inline with our content guidelines
  • Some platforms have affiliate or partner programs that require stream exclusivity

Why use a cloud-based multistreaming service?

Your streaming software, like VMix or OBS, may already support streaming to multiple destinations at once. But there are two excellent reasons to use a cloud-based service instead:

First, simplicity. With our platform integrations, when you start or schedule a stream from your PolyStreamer dashboard, we automatically take care of setting up streams at all your destinations. You don't need to visit YouTube Studio or Facebook Live Producer separately.

Second, performance. If your computer is encoding two or three simultaneous streams, it will consume more CPU / GPU resources, as well as congest your Internet bandwidth. With PolyStreamer, your computer only generates one stream, resulting in less load, higher quality, and fewer dropped frames.

Does PolyStreamer have a video ingest server near me?

Probably! We currently have ingest servers in 6 countries — USA, Germany, India, Singapore, Japan, and Australia — with plans to expand:

PolyStreamer has servers around the world!


What streaming software do I need on desktop / laptop?

To use PolyStreamer, you'll need to broadcast an RTMP stream using streaming or video broadcast software. There are a lot of options, but a few popular ones include:

Windows   OBS StudioVMix, Wirecast
Mac   OBS StudioWirecast, Ecamm Live

Or, if you use Zoom logo Zoom, you can live stream your meeting to YouTube, Facebook, and more with PolyStreamer.

When you enter the stream server and stream key into your streaming software, be aware that some software uses separate inputs:

Server URL and Stream Key

While other software uses a single stream URL, formed by appending the stream key to the server, like this:

Server URL with Stream Key appended

Can I stream from my iPhone or Android?

Yes! To stream video from your phone to PolyStreamer, you'll need an app that can transmit RTMP video. Here are a couple popular ones:

Larix Broadcaster
Get Larix Broadcaster on the App Store Get Larix Broadcaster from Google Play
Broadcast Me
Get Broadcast Me on the App Store Get Broadcast Me from Google Play

When you enter the stream server and stream key, be aware that some apps use separate inputs:

Server URL and Stream Key

While other apps use a single stream URL, formed by appending the stream key to the server, like this:

Server URL with Stream Key appended

When you're streaming from a phone, we recommend using a Wi-fi Internet connection, or you might use a lot of cell data. Always do a speed test to ensure your upload bandwidth is higher than your chosen bitrate.

Can I stream from a hardware encoder? Like a SlingStudio, URayCoder, or Blackmagic device?

You can send us an RTMP video stream from any encoder, software or hardware, that can publish RTMP video to a server URL and stream key. In your encoder, you enter the PolyStreamer server and stream key found on your dashboard. This directs your encoder to send your video stream to our servers. Note that some encoders take server and stream key separately:

Server URL and Stream Key

While others take a single stream URL or RTMP URL, formed by appending the stream key to the server, like this:

RTMP URL in a hardware encoder

Your PolyStreamer stream key does not change (unless you manually reset it on the dashboard.) So you only need to setup your encoder once.

It is recommended to use hardware encoders with scheduled broadcasts. You'll schedule your stream using the PolyStreamer dashboard, at some time in advance. Then at the scheduled time, simply start your hardware encoder, and you'll be live everywhere. It's that easy.

What is PolyStreamer's workflow like?

Our 3-minute video shows the whole process, from sign-up to setup to live!

By default, PolyStreamer works like this:

  • First, you setup your destination platforms, like YouTube or Facebook.
  • Second, you copy our server URL and stream key into your streaming software or encoder. Our stream keys are persistent, though you can reset them.

Those two steps are just setup, and you only have to do them once. Now you're ready to go live everywhere in a couple clicks:

  • Click "Setup Streamer" — you can go live now or schedule a stream for later. Give your stream a title and description, and PolyStreamer is ready for your video stream. Click "Go Live" in your streaming software or encoder, and you'll be live everywhere!

It's that simple! With our convenient YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch integrations, we start your stream on all those platforms for you — no need to visit those sites separately.

Scheduling broadcasts has a couple extra steps - read our blog post to learn all about it.

In a room, hall, or sanctuary, what camera or lens do I need?

Camera lenses have a field-of-view (or FOV) rating that, combined with the distance from camera to subject, can help you decide what equipment you need to frame your shot. Here's a handy visualization tool, and info on a few common lenses.

Model Telephoto FOV Wide-angle FOV
HuddleCam HD 3X zoom 36° 82°
HuddleCam HD 10X zoom 57°
HuddleCam HD 20X zoom 58°

Here are a few horizontal FOV ratings for some common DSLR lens focal lengths. Note that the "effective" FOV varies with sensor crop factor:

Focal length 1x Full Frame 1.6x crop 2.0x crop
35mm 54° 36° 29°
50mm 40° 26° 20°
70mm 29° 18° 14°
100mm 20° 13° 10°
200mm 10° 6.5° 5.1°
500mm 4.1° 2.6°


Which platforms does PolyStreamer support?

PolyStreamer is growing fast — but as of now we have integrations for Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube, as well as custom RTMP for any platform. But we're looking to add more — what platform are you interested in? Contact us and request it!

Instagram doesn't currently make streaming available outside their app. Twitter's Periscope and LinkedIn have private beta programs that we're applying to.

Can I stream to a Facebook Page or Group?

Yes, you can stream to your Profile, to one of your Pages, to one of you Groups — or any combination of these:

Multiple Facebook Outputs

First, add a Facebook destination and grant permission for PolyStreamer to post your streams.

To stream to a Facebook Page, you must be an admin of that page. See page setup instructions .

To stream to a Facebook Group, setup is similar to a Page, except you must also install the PolyStreamer app in the Facebook Group's settings. Show me how .

Can I stream to multiple Facebook Pages and Groups at the same time?

Yes. You can go live on many of your Pages and Groups at the same time. Right now, we only support connecting a signle Facebook account, but you can stream to all your pages and groups.

YouTube supports multiple simultaneous live streams as well, and you can connect multiple accounts / channels.

Twitch destinations only support a single live stream.

Can my connect multiple YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch accounts?

You can connect multiple YouTube accounts and channels:

Multiple YouTube Outputs

Right now, you can only connect one Facebook account, but you can stream to multiple Pages or Groups that your account owns:

Multiple Facebook Outputs

Right now, you can only connect one Twitch account.

Features & Details

Does PolyStreamer support scheduling broadcasts? How does my audience find me?

Yes! You can schedule future broadcasts with PolyStreamer. On all your YouTube and Facebook destinations, this creates an announcement post with a custom thumbnail image, letting your audience know when you'll be live. At the schedule time, just start your streaming software - it's literally one click! Read all about it on our blog post:

Schedule Your Stream
Schedule Your Live Stream to YouTube and Facebook

Scheduling is great for distributing a direct link to your stream in advance. But it's not the only way to distrubute your stream. You could instead share the link to your Facebook Page or Group, your YouTube channel, or Twitch page — those links don't change. And your stream will automatically show up on those pages whenever you go live.

  • YouTube LogoConsider customizing your YouTube channel to put "Live now", "Upcoming live streams", and possibly "Past live streams" near the top.
  • Facebook LogoFacebook by default shows the newest items at the top, so finding live streams on Pages and Groups is easy.
  • Twitch Glitch LogoCheck out Twitch's article on setting up your channel page, posting your schedule, trailer, and more.

We're looking into creating a Twitch extension to give your page a countdown to your next scheduled stream. Let us know if that would be helpful to you!

Can I stream a pre-recorded video with PolyStreamer?

PolyStreamer is testing the ability to upload your videos and conveniently schedule their broadcast to your destination platforms. This feature is currently in private beta.

Upload and Stream Your Pre-recorded Video Content

If you'd like to try this feature — please contact us!

Can I see live chat or comments in PolyStreamer?

During an active live stream, PolyStreamer provides direct links to your YouTube and Twitch chat pop-out windows:

Links to your YouTube and Twitch Chat Pop-out Windows

Open those links in a new window, and you can easily arrange your chat channels on your desktop:

Arrange your YouTube and Twitch Chat Pop-out Windows

What does the PolyStreamer dashboard look like?

While things are changing quickly, here's the general shape of the dashboard:

PolyStreamer Dashboard

Are there video limits? 1080? 60fps? 2k? 4k? What bitrate should I use?

We don't impose any limits on your video stream, specifically. We recommend checking out YouTube's help article for suggested bitrates for various resolutions. Your chosen bitrate will determine the amount of bandwidth consumed per hour of streaming, which in turn, determines your monthly bill. See our handy calculator to estimate your monthly bill.

Your ideal stream settings will vary a lot based on your hardware, encoder settings, Internet connection, and content. We recommend performing a speed test to measure your upload bandwidth, and estimate that only about 75% of that will be available for your video.

On mid-range hardware with high-speed Internet, a starting point for testing might be 1080 at 30fps and 4 Mbps. That's a reasonable balance of quality and affordability. Adjust settings and test your stream from there.

Does PolyStreamer have analytics, stream preview, or embeddable players?

PolyStreamer provides links to all those features on the target platforms: chats windows, YouTube Studio, and Facebook Live Producer, and more. So if there's a feature we don't have built-in, you can easily pop over to the platform and use it.

Links to your YouTube Studio, Facebook Live Producer, and more!

How can I contact PolyStreamer?

We'd love to hear from you — feel free to contact us!

7-day Free Trial

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