How To Stream Your Zoom Meeting to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and More

How To Stream Your Zoom Meeting to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and More

Did you know that Zoom Meetings can be live streamed? And PolyStreamer can forward your meeting to all your destination platforms, be it multiple Facebook Pages and Groups, YouTube, Twitch, etc.

Streaming a Zoom meeting can be a great way to conduct multi-site events — imagine conducting an interview from across the country, or streaming a church service while snowed in at home.

Read on to get it setup, as well as discover a few important details about how it works.

Zoom broadcast to YouTube


Complete details are available in the Zoom support article, but most prominently you must have a paid Zoom account. Live streaming your meetings is not available with a free Zoom account. While there are various account types and settings, we'll cover the standard Zoom user account and standard meeting.

Zoom Account Setup

In your Zoom Account Settings page, scroll down (or search the page) to find the Allow livestreaming of meetings toggle and enable it. Check the Custom Live Streaming Service box:

Zoom settings to enable live streaming via a custom streaming service

PolyStreamer Setup

We'll assume you've already setup your destinations on your PolyStreamer Dashboard (as outlined in our overview video.)

Click the Start Streamer button to setup your stream's title, description, and start time (either now or scheduled for some future time.)

Give your stream a title, description, and scheduled time

Click through the setup, and PolyStreamer will prepare your destination platforms. Afterward, it will show Awaiting your video stream!

Now, copy the server URL and stream key (by clicking the icon next to each) — you'll paste them into Zoom in the steps below:

Copy the Server and Stream Key from your PolyStreamer Dashboard

Start Streaming Your Zoom Meeting

In a running Zoom meeting where you're the host, click on the More button, and click the Live on Custom Live Streaming Service option.

Click on More and Live on Custom Live Streaming Service

This will take you to the Zoom website, where you'll paste in the Server URL and Stream Key copied from the PolyStreamer dashboard:

Zoom website where you enter the PolyStreamer RTMP server URL and Stream Key

Zoom requires you to fill out the third field, Live streaming page URL. It's technically made available to the Zoom participants, but it may not be necessary / useful to distribute this link. You might just put the URL to your website (starting with https://), or your YouTube channel URL.

Once you click Go Live, Zoom will start streaming your meeting to PolyStreamer, which in turn, starts streaming to your programmed destinations! An indicator overlay shows all participants that the Zoom meeting is being live streamed:

Zoom live streaming indicator

What Does The Stream See?

It's important to note that the stream doesn't always see exactly what you see in the Zoom app. Here's what the stream sees (as tested in Zoom version 5.5.4):