Schedule Your Live Stream to YouTube and Facebook

Schedule Your Live Stream to YouTube and Facebook

Update: Twitch is now supported in scheduled broadcasts.

PolyStreamer now has support for scheduling your live streams! On Facebook and YouTube, this creates a post on those platforms showcasing your upcoming broadcast, and is a great way to let your audience know you'll be going live! Your scheduled broadcast may also include Twitch and custom RTMP outputs.

How To Schedule a Broadcast

To use the scheduling feature, start at your dashboard. Click the "Setup Streamer" button. You'll notice, next to the title and description input, a dropdown titled "when are you going live?"

When are you going live dropdown selector

By choosing "select a date & time", you'll create a scheduled broadcast. You must select a time at least 15 minutes in the future, and up to 7 days in the future. Confirm your time, and hit Next.

You will then be given the opportunity to upload a Preview Image for your broadcast. This is strongly recommended, and can be anything you like - a logo, a video screenshot, a graphic design. Your preview image is important for brand recognition and getting your viewers excited about the upcoming stream. Here's how it will be posted on your destination platforms:

Click to Zoom!

You may want to customize your YouTube Channel with the upcoming live streams section at the top of the page, as shown in the YouTube Channel screenshot above.

That's it! Click "next" and your broadcast will be scheduled to all your configured YouTube Channels, and Facebook Pages, Groups, and Profiles. You'll also notice a new section on your dashboard input showing your scheduled broadcasts:

Upcoming streams on your dashboard

Destinations are stored at the time the broadcast is scheduled. If you add, remove, and change destinations on your dashboard, it won't affect your scheduled broadcasts.
The scheduled stream row shows the time, date, and title of your upcoming broadcast, as well as a list of icons representing the destinations. Clicking the row will give you the option to delete the scheduled stream (which also removes the announcement posts from your destination platforms.)

Hover over the YouTube icon to see video links and embeddable HTML code You can also hover over the YouTube icons in the scheduled streams. There you will find the YouTube link to your upcoming stream, as well as the embeddedable HTML code (to embed this stream onto your website.)

When It's Time to Go Live

One of the best parts about scheduled streams is, PolyStreamer is ready when you are! From 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time, if you simply start your streaming software, you'll be live! It's optional whether to even visit the PolyStreamer dashboard when starting a scheduled broadcast.

Be on Time!

It's important not to keep your audience waiting, especially if they've "saved the date" of your event.

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